Wayne LaPierre’s 2018 CPAC Speech

Wayne LaPierre’s speech to CPAC 2018

Our PIO comments…

“To stop a bad guy with a gun it takes a good guy with a gun.” “Our schools must be hardened to prevent any more killing of our children. It should not be easier for a criminal or mentally ill person to enter a school and kill our children than it is to enter a jewelry store, a bank, an office building.” These were some of the statements of Wayne LaPierre, the president of the NRA in an address at CPAC at the National Harbor in Md. earlier this morning.
One of the key issues Wayne made was the fact that the NRA has been advocating for hardened schools for years. A clip was shown from the 1990’s, at which time the NRA president had met with Senator Charles Schumer and it had been agreed to include the mentally ill on back ground checks. The senator shook hands but ignored his promise. Background checks for the mentally ill and having them included in the data base … still has not been done.
He informed the audience that over 88,000 applicants for firearms have been denied due to the instant background check being applied. These were men and women who either had a criminal record, a violent past or such an issue that they were deemed too dangerous to grant the right to purchase a firearm. Of the 88,000 denials … only 44 were prosecuted!

He went on to state that the entire national democratic party had been corrupted by “Europeanized” style socialism. He went on to name a number of these individuals … Elizabeth Warren, Senator Schumer, Keith Ellison etc. He mentioned names because of the fact that it is not just the 2nd amendment that they seek to abolish but the majority of our liberties … our free speech, the freedom of religion … assembly.

He asked the audience if free speech existed in this country. “Go to the Berkley campus and give a talk about conservative values, our Bill of Rights … see how free your free speech is.” He went on to name organizations that have been applauded by the left … “Antifa, BLM, New Black Panthers … ” He mentioned that there are hundreds of college “socialist” chapters across America’s campuses. He asked the audience if they felt uneasy. He said to the audience that by your silence I take it that you do feel uneasy. The audience acknowledged this.

I could continue to summarize his speech … I won’t. However, of all the speeches I have ever heard in my lifetime this was the one that rang most true. His impassioned plea to all Americans who still believe in our Constitutional rights … of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness … take heed. He stated that if democrats regain control of the House and Senate this year that those very rights we take for granted and enjoy may soon come to an end. “The left and its transformation of America into a European style socialist state that Obama had worked so hard to see realized … is not dead because he is gone from power. Obama left his agents throughout government and all agencies. President Trump cannot undo by himself what the previous administration set up. He emphatically stated that the men and the women of the FBI are good and honorable men. He indicated that corrupt men and women at the top had been allowed to politicize the bureau. He chastised the working men and women of the bureau for not policing their leadership. He went on to further state that if the democrats were to elect the next president that the freedoms we enjoy today might be lost.

He made it clear that the NRA and those who support our freedom do not advocate armed resistance against the government. He said that the men and women of the NRA and freedom lovers everywhere are armed with the U.S Constitution that gives all power to the people. That document provides us with our 2nd Amendment to guarantee to protect our lives and our liberty.

Everyone, should take the time to download a copy of his speech. His words are words that every American should hear. His speech is not about insulting or minimizing the suffering of the survivors of this latest massacre. It is a speech for the ages … dedicated to correcting the glaring vulnerability of our school children who are open targets for the next madman, criminal or terrorist. It was the NRA who pushed for and got passed the instant background check. It has been the NRA for the last many years that has been pushing for the hardening of our schools … the protection that our children deserve.

He commented that all those on the left who demand disarmament … the Hollywood stars, the Congressmen, the rich and famous … our MSM executive – all those who depend upon armed security tell everyone else that firearms are not needed … he told them “you give up your armed security” …

We are at a crossroads as to whether our very liberties will survive. Perhaps the most dangerous new element that has been thrust into this dialogue is the demand that our children have an equal voice in this debate. The left is even asking for the right to have children as young as 16 be given the right to vote. While the socialist left is pushing for the lowering of the voting age – they are urging that the right to purchase a firearm be delayed until 21. You, intelligent men and women, can see and understand without further elaboration the reasoning behind those demands.

Don Wright, PIO
Pennsylvania Oath Keepers