The Day I Did Not Carry


Please take a few minutes and read the story below. Share it with everyone you know. It should really hit close to home.

This story is based on the true events experienced recently by one of our members.

A Story By Pennsylvania Oath Keepers

On the day I didn’t carry, I almost lost my life.

I am an avid believer in the natural right of self-defense. I have an inherit drive inside of me that wants to protect others. In fact, I train regularly to be the ‘good guy with a gun’, because even though I would never want to harm anyone, I understand the reality that evil will always exist. As long as evil exists, there needs to be good men and women ready to confront it, and I’m not the type to go down without a fight.

Yet, on the day I didn’t carry, evil had the upper hand.

You see, I had become sensitive to society’s unfavorable opinion of carrying a firearm for protection. I convinced myself that it’s would be easier to not carry, just to avoid an issue, instead of remembering how evil never takes a day off. I’m not a paranoid person, and I know you can’t prepare for everything, so it was easy to convince myself I would be okay without it. After all, I was going to a place I was very familiar with, where I never once had any issue. I’m smart, and know all about situational awareness, so off I went to one of my favorite places to watch a hockey game.

Yet, on the day I didn’t carry, I found myself looking down the barrel of a loaded gun.

Evil is unpredictable, and when two trouble-makers entered the bar, I was not prepared for how quickly things would escalate. In no time, these two complete strangers began terrorizing the patrons sitting next to me. Several people tried to help diffuse the situation, but they were not prepared for the evil in one man’s heart. When I moved to protect the girl next to me, I found myself looking down the barrel of a pistol. It is crazy to think how this pistol was not too dissimilar from the one I carry for protection. The only difference is, the intent in the heart of the person wielding it.

On the day I didn’t carry, all the training I received, may as well had been useless.

Here I was, in a scenario that I trained for, with an opportunity to save lives, but it was the day I didn’t carry, so here I was, at the mercy of a madman. Not only did I have the confidence, I had the skills, and I even had a perfect opportunity to draw and shoot, as he began directing his firearm at others. However, without my pistol, any sudden movement would only put others in danger.

Miraculously, the madman decided to flee and never pulled the trigger, so only luck had saved me on the day I didn’t carry.

When you live through a moment like that, you immediately think of all the different ways the situation could have gone. It was a very large pill for me to swallow, thinking about how different things might have been for me and others. However, I try to use struggles in my life to help others and all I could think is, how others need to hear my story. Evil lurks around every corner, and it sneaks up on us when we don’t expect it. I hope that if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, trying to convince yourself whether to carry or not, you will remember my story and make a wise decision.

Because on the day you don’t carry, you might not be so lucky.

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