Support For The Bundy Family And Those Who Came To Their Aid

It is with grave concern that we witness the federal indictments that are being leveled against the Bundy family and those who supported them. To our knowledge and information, the situation, standoff and events took place primarily on the Bundy’s property. Bureau of Land Management officials, armed, seized cattle belonging to the Bundy’s and moved them to pens and enclosures that would have led to numerous calving issues and the probable death of many of the cows and new born calves.

Allegations were leveled that the Bundy’s had not paid the federal government the correct amount of money for grazing rights and that the cattle were being seized as a result. There were also numerous reports that Senator Reid and his son stood to profit handsomely by taking those grazing lands out of the public venue and converting or having them assigned to their control for pseudo private usage. One position from the BLM stated that the cattle were a threat to the Desert Tortoise (that was a lie as cattle had been grazing there for well over 100 years with no evidence to support tortoise death at the “hooves” of the cattle) and because they were on the endangered species list the cattle had to be “rounded” up.

Whatever the truth of these allegations … the simple facts are: federal agents placed the Bundy’s and their property under siege. The Bundy’s asked for and received help from many local and national patriot groups. It became so intense that federal officials actually leveled military grade firearms on American citizens. There were instances of actual violence, against the Bundy’s by federal officials and armed men. Ultimately, a large group of armed men and women stood up against the tyranny and forced and end to the situation and the release of Bundy’s cattle. That was the end … right?

No. Now the federal government is attempting to level indictments against all those who stood against the violation of private property rights and private property. The indictments, issued by a formerly disgraced Bush official (fired from his position in 2006 … reassigned by Obama in 2010) seek to impose federal sentences from 5 to 20 years against each of the men and women who faced and stood against this government tyranny.

This is a deliberate attempt by this administration to threaten and brow beat into submission the ranchers and property owners of our western states. The ownership of much of our west lies in the hands of the federal government. In fact this ownership accrued to the federal government when these states were still territories … and it is with this original classification that the government still holds hostage the western states and the people who reside there. Sadly, the resources that these communities so desperately need to further growth and economic development lie outside of their grasp due to this “dubious” at best government control.

If this were truly a government of the people this story would have ended when the BLM returned the Bundy’s cattle. However, following on the heal of the murder of Lavoy Finicum earlier this year by federal officials, this is nothing but an attempt by this government to reestablish total control and absolutism over the citizens of this nation. Be warned. Federal agents can come onto your property, level weapons at you and seize your property. Rules written by any federal agency can in effect make you forfeit your land, your livelihood etc. Humanity and our part in the natural order is ignored. If you defend yourself or ask for help from neighbors and citizens … you have committed a crime, could be murdered or sentenced to prison by their reckoning. We now have what Thomas Jefferson penned: “When the people fear the government there is tyranny.” We have now become the servants of those we have elected.

Please see this Reuters article:

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