Response to Dallas Massacre

Law enforcement in the United States has always been a vital part of the safety and security all Americans enjoy as citizens of this nation.  The men and women who provide this vital service do so with the understanding that theirs is a job full of risk and danger.

We at Pa Oath Keepers stand with the men and women in our police departments, with our sheriffs and their officers, with the investigative units and all who serve for the public good.

We condemn in the strongest terms the cowardly attacks that have been occurring against these men and women across our nation.  The attack and massacre in Dallas is an outrage committed against all Americans.  The men who lost their lives had families.  They were members of their community and were merely performing their duties when they were so callously gunned down.

Our country is divided like never before along racial lines.  Our politicians immediately see an opportunity to attack the 2nd Amendment; calling the attack a problem of America … intimating that when blacks lose their lives in confrontations with the police it is because of racism.  We strongly condemn this characterization of our police.  Of course, there have been instances in our history where police have acted improperly.  When police commit crimes they are subject to the same laws that apply to all citizens.

It is time that the people of this nation understand that to attack the institution of law enforcement as being racially driven is morally and spiritually wrong.  Black officers, Asian, Hispanic and White officers are being targeted solely because they are wearing a uniform.  Human beings are not perfect … there is no profession in this world that can claim to have “perfect” employees.  However, the attacks against police … driven purely by hatred and tacitly encouraged by this administration must stop.  Black Lives Matter – it is time we understand and comprehend this: “All Lives Matter”.  The threats and promises of violence coming from the Black Lives Matter movement must stop.  If it is proven that these murderous attacks were launched with the support of this group … this group must end!  We stand with legal law enforcement and extend our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the officers who lost their lives and those who have been gravely wounded.


Don Wright

President Pa Oath Keepers