Proud to sponsor a booth at the 2016 Great American Outdoor Show

Harrisburg, Pa. February 6 – 14

Formerly known as the “Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show,” the event was canceled in 2013 when the British-based promoter, Reed Exhibitions, announced they would ban the display and sale of, so called, assault rifles at the show. Having first opened the Farm Show doors in 1955, 2013 was a “Bell Weather” year for the power of hunting, fishing, shooting and sporting enthusiasts. After announcement of the ban, hundreds of vendors, exhibitors and most scheduled speakers canceled. The show that commanded the attention of sportsmen everywhere saw its doors closed for the first time in 58 years. It rapidly became apparent that “political correctness” would not be tolerated. Harrisburg and the local communities lost millions that year due to its cancellation.

Just two months later, the National Rifle Association along with dozens of other organizations placed bids to sponsor the event. The NRA was selected and secured a two year contract. That contract expires with this year’s show. It is hoped that the terms will be renewed for future years either by the NRA or some other sponsor that honors the “full” spirit of the Great Outdoors … hunting, fishing, camping and the shooting sports with no PC thrown in!

It is with great honor that we are sponsoring a booth this year. This will be the first time under our banner “Pennsylvania Oath Keepers”. We are: a nonprofit organization that is: Pro Constitutional Republic, Pro U.S. Constitution, Pro Bill of Rights and most importantly Pro America. We seek to reach out to veterans, active duty, reserves, National Guard, police, firefighters, medical personnel and all who understand that the oath they took to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies was a sacred oath that they need to honor forever. Patriotic citizens who have not taken a service oath but believe in securing and protecting the nation we grew up in and love are invited to take the civilian oath to the Constitution. It is with the hope of Divine Guidance that we can attract honorable men and women to join with us in our mission to provide capable teams throughout the state to assist our law enforcement, military and medical personnel in the event of any natural or man-made disaster. We seek to “reach”, “teach” and “inspire” our Pennsylvania neighbors to be not only competent in the event of adversity but to survive and thrive.

We’ll be at booth 4712, see you there!

Don Wright
Pennsylvania Oath Keepers