Pennsylvanians Subjected To Unwarranted Search And Seizure

It was reported Wednesday, December 18, in the Reading Eagle

that local police intimidated local citizens into unwarranted roadside search and seizure of their personal effects in the form of DNA swabs.

Oath Keepers should immediately contact their Pennsylvania representatives and remind them of their oath. Please call and write today.

I found my representatives and sent them this letter. Yours should be emailed immediately.

“I am greatly concerned regarding the state of our commonwealth when I read articles such as the one included at the link in this email. Please take a quick look. This article has been repeated all across our nation as local police units are used to intimidate citizens to comply with unwarranted search and seizure. In this case the seizure is in the form of DNA samples.

Please read the article and then share it with your peers. I beseech you to immediately put forth legislation to make these acts of aggression against the citizens of Pennsylvania illegal to ensure it never happens again.”

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