Pastor’s Corner – November

Most Heavenly Father,

As we come before you this day for the blessings for the new week upon us, we first, with full hearts remember our Brother’s & Sister’s who have given so much over the years in the service of their Beloved Country. We especially honor the families who paid the ultimate price for the freedom of this Nation. Both have sacrificed so much. Now we look forward to a new week filled with joy and challenges, blessings and disappointment. We rest in the knowledge of a loving Father who loves his children and wants all the best for them. You have answered prayer in this election time and opened the door for change and rebirth. We give thanks. Bless the transition, the new administration, the new leader of our nation & his staff. We ask that you bless and protect our families, friends, neighbors, police, fireman, medical staff, and all OATH KEEPERS EVERYWHERE & THEIR FAMILIES. Now to your glory we commit ourselves, our lives, our riches, our poverty, our families, to your GLORY NOW AND ALWAYS.

Don Howell, Chaplain, Oath Keepers