PA OK, Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot

PA Oath Keepers will have a tent at this year’s Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot, April 30 & May 1 in Monroeton, PA.  This is the East Coast’s newest and hottest machine gun and suppressor event, and is sponsored by Firearms Industry Consulting Group and The Shooters Gauntlet.

The pre-event price is just $25 for both days.  If you wait to register on-site, the cost is $40 per day.

Come on out and see us.  Details are below.  Register Online here…


Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot April 30-May 1, 2016

Thank you for your interest in attending the Northeast’s newest and most exciting machine gun and gun show event!! We share the same enthusiasm for our Industry and sport, and look forward to having you attend!!


The Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot 2016, sponsored by The Shooters Gauntlet, LLC and Firearms Industry Consulting Group, is located deep in the endless mountains of Pennsylvania, about 4 hours northwest of NYC, 3 hours north of Harrisburg, PA, in the town of Monroeton PA, 18832. It is being held at The Shooters Gauntlet, LLC. (map…)


Please visit for more information regarding the facility.

Main Range:

The Machine Gun Range (main range) has a firing line approximately 100 yards long and 50 yards deep, with one portion outcropped for blowing stuff up at a distance of 100 yards. Vendors will be given an area of 8×8 to set up. If you require extra space, please contact us in order to make arrangements. Additional fees may apply.

Silencer Range:

The Silencer range is set away from the machine gun range so that vendors can showcase their products and respective suppression ability absent the constant barrage of gunfire coming from the main range. This should allow consumers to fully appreciate the function of a silencer and potentially turn into a future sale.

Gun show/sales area:

There is a vendor area for those that are looking to sell firearms and equipment. ATF has approved this event as a sanctioned event, meaning dealers may transfer firearms on site. All applicable local, state and federal laws apply, including applicable state tax regulations.



Food vendors will be onsite for the event, located near the fire pit. We are currently inquiring about special food plans and access for vendors. Registered vendors will be notified if any special food plans and access become available.


We will be providing armed security on the main range Friday and Saturday nights along with lights. We recommend that dealers and vendors tarp off their table, equipment, etc., so they are out of view and protected from possible weather. The gates to the main range will be locked after the range is cleared, and no person(s) other than our security will be allowed on the range or in the vendor area until it reopens in the morning to allow for setup.


Vehicles/trailers are allowed on the main range for loading and unloading purposes only, then they must be parked off the range area. Vehicles are required to be removed one hour prior to the start of the event each day. After the event is finished for the day, you may return to your spot on the line with a vehicle to resupply or remove items for the evening.


Local Accommodations:

Hotel accommodations are listed at


Note: Please be mindful of all applicable state and federal laws when transporting firearms.