PA Oathkeepers officially independent from national chapter

Attention PA members and supporters!

Pennsylvania Oath Keepers has no affiliation with OathKeepers or Stewart Rhodes in any way.

PA Oath Keepers is for people living in the state of Pennsylvania that wish to gather with other like-minded individuals for community service and, if necessary, protection of our families and our country’s founding principles.
Many individual members were originally brought together by the promises of the organization founded and led by Stewart Rhodes. But that organization has changed it’s principles, lacks accountability, has broken promises & by-laws and therefore no longer earns our allegiance.
That is why a month ago, leaders from Pennsylvania, Tenn., Alabama and other States delivered to Stewart a Petition of Redress of Grievances, outlining the above and giving him an opportunity to make needed changes; which he has rejected.
So in good faith we and the other states mentioned can no longer lend our support to an organization that ignores its by-laws in favor of its founder. That is why we the volunteer members of PA Oath Keepers are founding our own non profit state organization where any resources raised through modest dues or fundraising stays in PA for our local efforts and needs.
No longer will we send our hard-earned dues money to a foreign Nevada Corp. in Las Vegas with the promise that some portion will be returned in the form of dues sharing. These unfulfilled promises from someone who calls himself an Oath Keeper!
Promises that remain broken!

In the next couple of weeks we will be posting updates as we transition into our new organization, including a new state webpage where you’ll be able to join our ranks and get up to date info on active groups and meetings around the state.

There will also be a free level of membership with certain limitations {such as voting and state leadership positions} this is not about selling membership!
This is about, with God’s help, saving our Families, Communities and preserving our Constitutional Republic!
Please Join Us! Watch for updates and please get involved.

Larry Liguori
Acting State Director
PA Oath Keepers

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