PA Oathkeeper Annual Meeting

To All Oathkeepers,


We had a great Annual meeting on the 5th and many new things were discussed. We had a great turnout and thanks to Larry Ligouri for making the arrangements. The food was excellent and the venue very appropriate for our needs.


Most of you are probably wondering how our Election went. We were waiting until today because we did not want to interfere with the National elections results.


We have a new President for the next two years. Mr. Ken Baker graciously accepted the nomination and was voted in unanimously. Mr Dan Seaman is our new Vice-President and three new Division Directors were elected. Marcus Kohan- Western, Chad Ligouri-Central and Adam Thomas-Eastern. Others were appointed to key positions. Northwest Regional Director- Rich Wilson. Southwest Regional Director-Michael LaRussa. Our new Communications Director-Roy Scharf and and our new Intelligence Officer-Kyle Lorio. Our New President will be appointing other key personnel to make up his inner circle.


Once our newly elected President establishes these other positions, they will be announced and available for membership interest and consideration.


Marcus Kohan