Oregon Tragedy

We at Pennsylvania Oath Keepers condemn this loss of life in the strongest terms. Whether you supported the peaceful occupation of the wildlife preserve or opposed it … that is not the issue. Time was against the occupiers.  The weather, lack of supplies and food would have led to their evacuating the preserve.  Instead, a state of siege was laid against those at the preserve.

The government set up a road block, drew weapons against the vehicle’s occupants and a 70 year old was shot and killed with another wounded. Allegations have been made that the man who was shot and killed had his hands raised in the air. His daughter stated that he was shot multiple times and in her words: “murdered.” The truth that surrounds these events will come out in time.

The loss of life is permanent and no amount of time will heal those wounds. A government “of the people, by the people and for the people” … the meaning and intent behind those words is again left in doubt.

Don Wright
PA Oath Keepers