Non-Partisan Political Action

NPPA-bannerThe third and final mission is non-partisan political action. This is really the first mission; only it is directed at lawmakers, particularly on the local and state level. We must remind them that they serve us, that they took an oath to the Constitution and that their actions should be restricted to the powers they are allowed in both our national and state Constitutions.


Please remember we are not a partisan organization, we do not advocate for any political candidates, we are not a right wing or left wing organization. We are made up of libertarians (both left and right), voluntaryists, paleoconservatives, populists and neoconservatives. We are also firm believers in the Right of Conscience and do not endorse or attack any group of believers or non-believers. We ask that you avoid issues that would serve to divide us and divert us from our appointed task. If you are a proponent of a certain political movement and it is not endorsed on the Oath Keepers national page (Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Freedom Law School, Tenth Amendment Center, Gun Owners Of America, Fully Informed Jury Association, plus a few others) that is fine you may participate and promote that movement as long as you do not identify it with Oath Keepers and you do not do so during official Oath Keeper functions.