Gettysburg Rally – July 1st 2017

To all Pa Oath Keepers and Patriots.

On July 1st, starting at 1200 hours, there will be a motorcade/motorcycle parade comprised of veterans and patriots from all across the state, Ohio, and other surrounding states, working together to protect the Battlefield from Antifa and related anarchists who seek to destroy and/or deface Civil War monuments at the Park and to burn American and Confederate Flags.

Every veteran who ever wore a uniform deserves the respect and honor that went with serving. These honored dead, lying in the fields of Gettysburg deserve no less. The goal of Antifa and the radical left is to destroy this nations history, rewrite it and label anything that flies in the face of their preconceived notions as racist, homophobic, Islamophobic etc. Any PAOK members who would like more information about the event, or would like to join, please contact your District Director or myself.

Please make every effort to attend this most important show of resolve and patriotism. It is expected at present that there will be somewhere between 500 and 1000 participants. We are hoping for a much larger turnout.

Don Wright
Public Information Officer
Pa Oath Keepers