From the President of PAOK

12/23/20 Statement On Current Events

Dear Members,

Below is a statement I put together regarding some current events. Due to being banned from Facebook and Instagram, I rely on you members to share this information as much as possible.

   Due to the growing list of volatile current events, I feel the need to release a statement on behalf of Pennsylvania Oath Keepers, in order to distance ourselves from some of the counterproductive people and organizations who call themselves ‘Patriots’, who actually stain our entire movement with their selfish motives. Understand that this statement is not intended to undermine or lambast any of the great patriotic individuals and organizations out there, who are in fact a majority. This is only a statement to give a perspective of reason on behalf of the many patriotic individuals across the country.

There are some prominent individuals out there on the internet that always need something to be fired up about. Every situation or news article is explosive and urgent, and they can never seem to bring calm to a situation. They get off on ‘gaslighting’. Then, there are the type of people who always have to post an opinion on everything, often rushing to conclusions or emotional responses before they have facts. They tend to have an emphasis on getting ‘views’ over truth. Then there are the people who don’t want to ruffle any feathers and cower at any sign of resistance, or crossroads. They are often the type of people who play ‘armchair quarterback’ and second guess everything that everyone else is doing.

Then, there are those calm, collected individuals who listen thoroughly, remove their own emotions/prejudices that may cloud their understanding/judgement, collect all necessary facts before they speak, and then finally calculate an intelligent response before they ever speak. When they speak, everyone listens, and when action is needed, you can always count on them. Those are the kinds of people I always personally gravitated towards, and that’s the type of organization we aim to be.

We are not, and never will be perfect, but every day Pennsylvania Oath Keepers works to improve things within our organization, within our Commonwealth, and within our country. We are not out here looking for a fight. We are out here looking to unite everyday people who love their country, their families, their communities, and the American Dream in order to build a network of great people who are involved in solving problems, rather than just talking about them. You either have that sewn into your soul, or you don’t. This battle of Good versus Evil is not a sprint; this is a marathon. You have to have an iron will to always do the right thing, even when it’s uncomfortable and/or unpopular.

It requires being a disciplined individual. It means swallowing your pride, and saying sorry when it’s needed. It means having a spine and being bold when that’s needed, yet still being tactful and understanding. It means having an open mind, and being able to work with people who you might disagree with because that’s what this country was all about, and because the future of your country is more important than the trivial differences you may have. It means being loyal to truth and justice in all things, and not to individuals or political parties. It takes a self-motivated individual that will get back up and keep fighting for what’s right, no matter how tough things get. This is what we look for in our members and leaders, and it’s something that we hope to embody.

Although we have not been very vocal as of the last 2 or 3 months, it has not been because we have been sitting on our hands. We have been gathering and analyzing information, listening, working diligently behind the scenes, adding many new leaders and working on many new goals. Complaining about every issue that comes up or reacting to every individual situation is not the objective of this organization. We are building a united network of prepared, intelligent, and wholesome Americans. And we are putting a plan into effect to achieve some strategic goals over the next few months. Ultimately, building our network of prepared, informed and active patriots is what we believe is the best solution to the many problems we are facing as a nation.

The last thing I would like to address is that we do in fact understand that there is an agenda by multiple mainstream news sources to attack, discredit, and falsely label patriotic organizations with an overwhelming amount of disinformation. They label anyone who goes against their often globalist/socialist views as racist, hateful, extreme or something similar. Most people with common sense realize what these news agencies are doing, causing an all-time lack of trust towards these news agencies. Nonetheless, their tactics remain relentless in trying to destroy any person or organization that stands up to them. We are not intimidated by this, because we have God, justice, and truth on our side.

The American Patriot is needed now more than ever, and we will always stand in the gap when needed. I ask all true patriots out there to get involved wherever you can. Our country needs us now, more than ever. Remember, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

God Bless America
Chad Liguori
Pennsylvania Oath Keepers