Northern Dauphin County Range Cleanup

April 28, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Brett White

Thanks to the generous donation from one of our members, we have been given access to a shooting range in Herndon, PA.

This will give us the opportunity to bring a great variety of firearms classes to our members this year.

In preparation for these classes, we need your help!

On Saturday, April 28th we are planning on having a range cleanup/workshop day at the range. Our objective is to clean up the range, repair existing/build new target stands, and improve the facility in any way we can to benefit our training goals for 2018 – the range is in good shape already. Below is a list of needs and wants, however we are more than happy with whatever you can contribute. If you have any suggestions on things that you could add that aren’t on the list, please feel free!

List Of Needs/Wants:

Able-body workers
Targets, Target Stands, Shooting Mats
Wood/Nails/Screws for various projects
Chain/hardware for hanging steel targets
White or Fluorescent- Orange spray paint
Cardboard, Staples
Portable Generator to run powertools
Shooting Bench
Garbage bags, Paper plates

When: 9:30AM – 5:00PM
NOTE: There is no expectation to be there the entire time. Whatever you can contribute, we appreciate. Realistically, we hope to be done by 3 or 4. After all work is complete, volunteers will be encouraged to enjoy the spoils of their hard work and do some shooting and hangout afterwards.

Please Contact Brett to get details and let us know that you plan on coming!
Email –