Do We Survive?

Pennsylvania Oath Keepers is a non political organization that supports and defends the U.S. Constitution. On the surface that statement seems perfectly normal until you realize that this government often labels and targets those supporting our founding document as potential terrorists! What does it mean to be a supporter of our Constitution? First, it identifies you as one who believes in our Bill of Rights and the U.S Constitution. The first Ten Amendments constitute the Bill of Rights. These include our freedom of religion, assembly, free speech, right to keep and bear arms, freedom against illegal search and seizure, the right to not incriminate yourself, protection against having your property seized, the right of legal representation, trial by jury, forbidding cruel and unusual punishment – excessive fines, safety in your home against illegal occupation by military personnel, rights …even if not mentioned specifically still belong to the people, everything not specifically delegated to the Federal Government, nor prohibited to the states belongs to the people and the states …
One can understand the confusion brought to the surface if by just supporting this document you can be labeled “anti” government or a potential terrorist. So, if you are a potential terrorist what does that make our Federal Government?
Our founding documents were created during and after our Revolutionary War with Great Britain. The intent contained throughout their pages was clear. Government should be: of the people, by the people and for the people. Elected officials were to be the “servants” of the people and to be answerable to the people – not the other way around. Many publications that discuss the potential disasters that Americans could face, list the Federal Government as one of the main threats. For example, in Frank Mitchell’s “Family Survival Guide” he lists the following threats that Americans could face – in the following order:
1. Extended power failures – our aging grid system
2. Natural events – hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods etc.
3. War and acts of terrorism – self explanatory
4. Infringement by government – Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oregon, the Bundy Ranch etc.
In many publications, the Federal Government is listed as number one or number two! Why? The federal government is far larger and more powerful than ever envisioned by our founding fathers. Many of the powers that the states and the people entrusted to it are not being followed, ignored or changed. For instance, do you believe that the Federal Government is providing for secure and defensible borders? Do you feel comfortable with the continuing shrinkage of our active military in today’s world? Are you concerned that there are more Americans receiving some form of government assistance than there are actually full time working Americans? Does it concern you that money is being spent by the billions for illegal immigrants … housing, food, medical all of this while many Americans are homeless and without jobs?
This makes most Americans angry. Yet, if you bring up these issues and evils, it is likely that you will be called a “racist”, “Islamaphobe” or some other term that the politically active “socialist” left will level against you. It is precisely because of the wrongs this Federal Government has heaped upon us that so many on the right are actively participating in these presidential debates. The numbers of votes being cast in these primaries are off the chart on the conservative side.
On the other side, the number of those participating in the democratic primaries has never been lower. They are promoting an active “socialist” and a former “first lady”, disgraced Secretary of State. Even the left sometimes has to come to grips with the truth when it cannot be quelled. But, does the left need to be concerned? Remember, presidents are elected by an electoral college, not by the popular vote. It is in this arena that the democrats hold a nearly insurmountable lead.
After totaling the electoral votes in all the terminally blue states, an inconvenient math emerges, providing even a below average Democrat presidential candidate a potential starting advantage of 246. Here are the states and their votes:
CA (55), NY (29), PA (20), IL (20), MI (16), NJ (14), WA (12), MA (11), MN (10), WI (10), MD (10), CT (7), OR (7), HI (4), ME (4), NH (4), RT (4), VT (3), DE (3), DC (3).
Let me repeat, if only for the shock value: 246 votes out of 270 is 91 percent. That means the Democrat candidate needs to win only 24 more votes out of the remaining 292. (There are a total of 538 electoral votes.)
The above states have been consistently trending blue since the late 1980’s. There will be a difference this year as there is no black candidate running for president. What that will mean is debatable since voting irregularities that occurred during the 2012 election were rampant and tilted totally to the left. I have looked into this skewed system and continually come up with the same results. The democrats have, supposedly, in their corner 246 votes locked up.
So, how do we win? How does one restore Constitutional government to the people of this nation? There is only one way. Every conservative “must” vote this time. Pennsylvania is a prime example. If the great majority of conservatives had voted two years ago, Governor Corbett would have been reelected. We did not vote and we ended up with Tom Wolfe – a died in the wool supporter of Obama and his socialist policies and an avid opponent of the 2nd amendment and much of our Bill of Rights.
This upcoming election is not to be taken for granted … no, not by any means. The record number of “republicans” and conservatives turning out to vote in the primaries is a cause for celebration. It is possible that the “radical” destructive transformation that Obama has heaped upon this nation may in fact turn many traditional democrats to a Republican candidate. Hillary is under threat of indictment for many of the wrongs she committed while serving as Secretary of State. She could actually find herself in prison if the Department of Justice upholds the law. That would leave the democrats with only one candidate, Bernie Sanders. Only those with no conception of the horrors that full blown socialism would bring to this nation would ever vote for Bernie. But in this brave new America, even with those cards stacked against them, the lefts candidate still would be favored to win this fall!
A win by the left this year would usher in the beginning of the end of much of what is still good in this country. One leftist candidate is pushing for the Australian model of gun confiscation for this country. The United Nations, the darling step child of the left, would be able to dramatically increase its influence across this nation. Already, the machinations of the Agenda 21 crowd can be felt – even at the local government level. Our land and water management, both public and private, is being dictated by edicts originating within that body. Proposals are being planned for social reengineering of our communities based upon racial and ethnic percentages. Communities that are not “racially” balanced would be “corrected” by the government. The sham of global warming, now being labeled as global climate change, has taken hundreds of billions of dollars from working Americans through vastly increased utility bills, the severe degradation of coal usage and thinly veiled threats against any and all who oppose the “global climate change” model. The fact that it is the sun that controls all weather on this planet is ignored. Carbon footprints, melting ice caps and rising sea levels are all blamed upon man. The lies have worked since many people actually believe that they are the cause of global warming! The money that is stolen from us is redistributed to third world nations and to their own coffers to further their “One” world socialism dream.
We also see in Europe the results of the Pan Global movement by the left and the United Nations. Europe’s doors have been deliberately left wide open to the Islamic invasion … masquerading for the most part as refugees. Over three fourths of these immigrants are military aged males – 18 to 35. In their twisted cultural view, women without veils or dressed in western attire deserve to be raped. In fact, in many Middle Eastern countries, a woman without a male relative accompanying her is fair game for rape. Brutal crimes against women in Germany, Denmark, France, Sweden and in other European countries … perpetrated by Muslims against non Muslim women have been largely ignored. It has become so horrific that many women in Sweden have taken to dying their hair black and dressing in “plain” clothing … just to try to avoid a potential rape. One country decided to send back 80,000 recent immigrants. When they tried to issue deportation orders to them … they could not find them! In Denmark, a young woman was being gang raped by Muslims, desperately she managed to reach a can of mace in her pocket book and released the stream into her rapists face. He broke off and fled with his partner, unable to complete the act. She, on the other hand, was fined by her government for using the mace! On the positive side, hundreds of her countrymen offered to pay her fine.
In many nations throughout Europe, Shariah enclaves exist. These are areas ruled by Islamic law that supersedes local government and state rules. This law, imbedded within Islam, allows for “honor killings”, “stonings”, murder of gays and lesbians, even allowing parents to murder their children if it is believed that they are becoming too western or are bringing shame upon the family by dating outside of their religion. Sexual mutilation of young girls is encouraged. It is thought that young women should not enjoy sexual relations so at a young age they are forced to endure genital mutilation, usually performed by their relatives. In this country they are advocating, even now, to allow and promote this barbaric act to be performed legally by medical professionals. Their rationale … it is part of their culture.
The United Nations is also seeking the destruction of national borders through their promotion of broken border policies. It supports President Obama’s illegal executive orders that have tied the hands of our border patrol agents and led to the release of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants back onto our streets. The left and the U.N understand that the only way they can achieve a Pan Global world is by destroying a nation from within, attacking its culture and very traditions that it was founded upon.
This November’s election, if it is won by the left, will mean the final card has been played in the planned destruction of the United States. If that happens, conservatives in this nation will be faced with two choices. The first, do nothing and accept the inevitable that comes with socialism, Pan Globalism and the “New” World Order. Of course that will mean the severe curtailment of our basic unalienable rights … they will no longer come from God but from man. With that premise, only those in step with the new world socialist order will enjoy any semblance of true freedom. The second option: resist, rebel and fight. Life is precious. We only have this one life to enjoy and freedom is worth fighting for. Our lives should be our own, not controlled by an all powerful government … to be fully enjoyed and lived as God intended. The following further illustrates the concerns many Americans feel today.

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Don Wright
Pa Oath Keepers