Reach, Teach and Inspire

Reach, Teach & Inspire

The first mission of Pennsylvania Oath Keepers is to reach, teach, and inspire (RTI) those who have taken an oath to the Constitution. It is our job to remind people that they have pledged their lives and sacred honor to a document that binds government with the chains of individual freedom, restricting power so that all men and women […] Read more »

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Protect The Protectors

Oath Keepers Of PA – Support Your LEO Oath Keepers of Pennsylvania support the Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) that serve to protect our constitutional rights and the lives and property of Pennsylvania citizens. Law Enforcement Officers are under attack by a terrorist element in the United States. When they stop for gas, food, or some other incidental purpose, they […] Read more »

An Oath Keeper Letter To Local Police

A Response To Police Union Rep’s “Your On Notice” Open Letter American Tax Payer And Oath Keeper Larry Kiddey responded on Dave Mutchler of River City Lodge #614 is President of the FOP in Louisville Kentucky. In an open letter to the people of Louisville, Mutchler states to their supporters that “soon you may have to rise with […] Read more »

CALL CONGRESS – Demand a NO Vote for Fast Track Authority

Call your congressman today and DEMAND a NO vote for Fast Track Authority Fast Track Authority is congress’ way to avoid the constitution and cede your rights and liberty away through international treaty. Tell your representative to fight for the constitution and Vote NO! Read more »